Baja Sur’s governor Narcisco Agundez Montaño visiting Pedregal de La Paz

Last Saturday, June 27, Pedregal de La Paz was privileged to received Baja Sur governor´s, Narciso Agundez Montaño as an honored guest to our community.

Gov. Agundez decided to include Pedregal as part of his weekend workout routine, Saturday @ 7 am. It´s worth to be mentioned that as part of a national campaign called “Activate: 15 minutos al día” (“Get active, work out 15 min a day”) you´re able to see the governor himself walking La Paz famous Malecon 5.5 km all along from Monday to Friday with his staff and inviting other paceños (La Paz residents) as well.

Pedregal staff and close friends and neighbors attended early morning call to the office to be part of this particular event. We were standing outside of the office, in front of the pool in a clear blue slightly breezy morning while we waited for Gov. Agundez. Around 8 am we were able to distinguish his crew and him as well walking down the panoramic highway that leads you to the Pedregal neighborhood.

No sooner the Governor walked his way in, he was joined by Pedregal Group Board Member Octavio Resendiz and Pedregal de La Paz Director Javier Manterola to tour around the first 4 phases of this beautiful ocean view community showing an outstanding physical condition while passing by the cobblestone streets. After it, we the Pedregal de La Paz staff personally received the governor and invited him and his team to enjoy our Sales office terrace with a light brunch and the magnificent ocean view.

After brunch Governor Agundez attended a brief private meeting hosted by Javier Manterola, Octavio Resendiz, Hector Andrade as Villas Aguamarina Pedregal architect, Gerardo Aguilar as project engineer and Sales Associates of Pedregal de La Paz Gabriela Alvarez and Anabelle Rossell. During the meeting Javier Manterola introduced to his listeners the Pedregal lifestyle, how we´ve been proud members of the Baja Sur community, where are we standing and where are we heading to. He also mentioned how Pedregal has been involved with La Paz community as well and how it has supported La Paz´s jobs creations (we pride ourselves to use all local resources).

Before he left, Gov. Agundez was kind enough to interact with Pedregal staff and take some pictures with us as well. I have to say he showed himself as a very polite man and easy to approach as well. Hopefully this will be one of his many visits here!

By Anabelle Rossell, Pedregal de La Paz and Coldwell Banker Riveras Sales Associate. You can view Anabelle’s listings here. (in the left side column click ‘Narrow the list by Agent’ and select Anabelle Rossell, or you can also check our whole inventory)

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