Pedregal de La Paz Real Estate (Jun 8th, 2011)

A happy farewell to Villa Aguamarina in Pedregal de La Paz

By Anabelle Rossell

This week we closed the sale of Villa Aguamarina, a model home in Pedregal de La Paz. I must confess that I felt a little bit of nostalgia when we signed the contracts, the house was paid for and we delivered the keys to the new owners. Of course I´m more than happy to know that the Villa has turned into a home, but why the feelings of nostalgia and not jubilee? I do feel jubilee, but I can´t help it, let me explain.

I participated from day one when the Villa was planned, along with my sales teammates. Eventually, we held the open house and its formal introduction into the La Paz Real Estate market. Afterwards, we saw the opportunity to manage the Villa as a vacation rental home: first to the Pedregal homeowners and later, through local vacation rental companies. Recently, the Villa was where the Pedregal de La Paz Wine Club held it regular meetings and training course, provided by Visión Gastronómica and Chef Hector Palacios. The Villa gave us a place with casual and friendly atmosphere where we met weekly.

Villa Aguamarina Pedregal

About 2 months ago, I was contacted by a group of clients which I´ve been working with for the last few years. One of them was planning to marry and had recently proposed to his girlfriend in Capella Pedregal! I decided to show him and his fiancé the Villa as a future married couple. In addition, we also reviewed and evaluated other estates in residential areas in La Paz, though we always came back for some reason to the Villa.

Finally, the clients decided that Villa Aguamarina was the one they liked the most and submitted an offer. It was an interesting negotiation, but above all, it gave me the opportunity to work with excellent clients. Plus, and feel free to call me corny, it is very motivating and gratifying to see a young couple buying their first home together and to share with me their dreams, plans, etc. It was more than a positive experience as a whole deal!

Villa Aguamarina Pedregal

There are other memories that I cherish from the Villa, but it is not my turn as an agent to have them anymore. Now, Villa Aguamarina is a place that will be the home of new and exciting memories, dreams and goals for its new homeowners.

Congratulations and welcome to the Pedregal de La Paz Family!

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