Pedregal Cares – First home has been delivered!

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It seems like yesterday when we said hello to 2015 and now it is mid-February! Time is moving along quickly and we are proud to say that the building of the homes we set as a goal to build through Pedregal Cares, post Hurricane Odile, is moving along too. We are currently finished with one home and two others will be finished by the end of this month. We will be starting the 4th home this week. Our goal is to finish the 10 homes that need to be built before the start of the hurricane season.

We wanted to share some pictures of this amazing progress.


Raul Abrigo and his family have a new SAFE home!

Inside Raul's home

Inside Raul’s home


Two more houses are under construction and are almost ready to be delivered:

Marco Razo is standing on the foundations of his future home


A third house almost ready


Almost ready!


Thank you ALL for your contributions to this cause. We are currently accepting more donations as we are $10,000 USD short of our goal to finish!


Please send any checks to the following address:

Leslie Bost Diaz Rivera

500 W Harbor Dr

Unit 124

San Diego, CA 92101

The checks must be made out to Leslie Ann Llaca Bost or Juan Diaz Rivera.

Or you can do a wire transfer directly to Wells Fargo – please let us know name, day and amount of deposit.

Account Number # 7372655964

Routing number # 121 000 248

Please go to this site to make any donations by credit cards – ANYTHING HELPS!


Thank you again!

Pedregal Cares Board


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  1. Oscar Navarro R dice:

    Siempre estás con la dinámica y el corazón en la mano.
    Has logrado tener un vecindario en el Pedregal de Cabo que se une a tu corazón alegre y dador.
    No es difícil ver la herencia que tienes en tu sangre al recordar a tu padre quien siempre tuvo el mismo corazón.
    Eres bendición para muchos, has permitido que Dios guíe tu vida y la de toda tu casa.
    Me siento orgulloso de tenerte como una excelente amiga.
    Un abrazo para todos en tu casa.

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