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Pedregal de La Paz has become an exclusive residential development that offers an incomparable reputation not only for its appreciation in value, but also for the opportunity to enjoy a good quality life. That is why we would like to present the perspective and vision of four renowned architects who have applied their imagination in Pedregal de La Paz with its slopes, plains and perspectives to build not just houses, but homes.

 Architect Mauricio Gosselin


 Creative by heart, lover of opportunities and to develop and create something new, Architect Mauricio Gosselin saw in La Paz the possibility of incorporating nature into the daily lifestyle. Speaking of architectural details, it was the contrasts within the natural scenarios, such as the fusion between the sea and land by morning and the sky colors merging with the urban environment in the evenings, which convinced him. His vision led him to experiment, design and play with natural elements to incorporate them into his designs, mixing the contemporary with the traditional.

 When asked why he chose Pedregal de La Paz as his home, Mauricio answered: «While the answer might be obvious, Pedregal presents the perfect balance between property appreciation and the authenticity to build your own home.» In regards to investing and building a house in a community he says: «You must create an environment that can be in harmony and relates to where the home will be. It is important to respect the design and construction regulations, consider the materials and height restrictions that can be suitable in all areas within the property, which also goes hand in hand with the general atmosphere in the community.»

 Mauricio also shares with us his experience designing and building in Pedregal: «The most enjoyable part is the design process, because that is when the architect dreams, gets inspired and challenges his creativity. Pedregal de La Paz is the perfect place for this and more so due to its outstanding views and slopes. The orientation of the land allows the architect to develop and build a very interesting product.»

 Every project has its own challenges and in the case of Mauricio this was no exception: «When I arrived to La Paz and lived there for a couple of years I realized that the sunlight and the direction of the winds must be considered in the design of residential homes. This is where the experience and talent come alive by incorporating natural elements to generate shades, such as shapes to the facades and wind catchers where needed.»

 Finally, Mauricio tells us about his experience of life in the city and within Pedregal: «Living here is certainly very nice and casual, without unnecessary commitments. I think that La Paz is incomparable, people are very friendly, and this allows me to reflect that to my clients since everyone is looking for a relaxed lifestyle. In Pedregal de La Paz we can be confident that our investment is in the best area of ​​the city.» Contact mgosselin@mexicasagroup.com 


 Architect Héctor Andrade Banda


 His career consistently shows a sleek, functional and enjoyable work that satisfies all the senses. Architect Héctor Andrade Banda has managed to implement design lines that elegantly integrate with the environment and allow its residents to enjoy the most of their home.

 Hector leads a young group of architects and engineers specializing in ​​design, construction and marketing. Versatile, authentic and careful on the details, he shares his experience of designing and building in Pedregal: «It is a very enriching experience since the configuration of Pedregal allows you to use different techniques to create a home that suits your clients. that provide harmony with the development and respects the views of each particular lot. This provides the confidence to design a final project with value for all and that over time, will contribute to the legacy and heritage of the family that occupies the property.»

 «It is important to highlight that in Pedregal the orientation of the lot and design guidelines will allow each project to be different, increasing its value, originality and quality. Creative design will require the architect to meticulously analyze each space, which will allow him to create interesting and functional projects for the family that will live in it and contribute to visually enrich the community.»

 We wanted to know more about his architectural vision and what is the basis for his designs, to which Hector replied: «I consider that a good architect should make a priority for his customer’s needs above all things and provide an aesthetic view of them: focused, whole, but most importantly, realistic to what they want. Therefore, the sum of these elements combined with our vision can transform their idea into something that reflects a useful and attractive architecture that happily coexists with the location, will manifest by itself in a generous and authentic space and is consistent with the warmth of the soul of the family living there.»

 Lastly, on his experience living in La Paz he says: «I think life in La Paz could be conceived as unpretentious, pleasant and uncomplicated, since the warmth of its people and their traditions could define it as a family town. It offers almost anything you may require from a large capital. If we add to this a development with the poise of Pedregal de La Paz, the result makes it one of the best places to live.» Contact hector_ab@yahoo.com


Carlos Montero


 Experienced and with an internationally recognized career, Carlos Montero presents his work with passion and commitment for a final result rich in contrasts and elegance. When we asked him about his experience designing residential spaces in Pedregal he says: «To think of a project with different topographic levels such as in this community (thanks to the enduring dream and hard work of Architect Manuel Diaz Rivera to whom we should always credit) with the majestic views to of La Paz bay, you’re inevitably required to give your extra and be very careful with the spaces you design, since they can be used to achieve interesting areas. Imagining that in these walls people can enjoy unparalleled sunsets is an inspiring and interesting challenge. We constantly seek alternatives to make each area comfortable: having a natural ventilation system is as basic as placing the appliances in the right place, final finishes are as important as to know where to hang different pictures, hence the importance of knowing the weather and its variations as well as the traditions and lifestyle of those who will inhabit these spaces.»

 On his architectural vision Carlos states: «My point of view is based on respecting the environment. We cannot ignore the surroundings, knowing the weather and land that you live in is the first step to any designer, and then you can share the experiences you´ve lived for the benefit of the customers, the community and the city itself, since what we do will remain forever.»

 «This new society is transforming rapidly, plus technology has changed shapes and thoughts that sometimes make us lose identity, such as to quickly develop an impressionistic architecture which will first affect our customers; as architectural theorist Le Corbusier mentioned: Architecture is the mood result of an era, with all that it involves.«

 A few months ago, various architectural projects were compiled by INBA curators (National Institute for the Arts, for its initials in Spanish), who invited professionals throughout the country to submit their work with an individual selection from each state. The jury chose a project that Carlos Montero designed in Pedregal de La Paz due to its aesthetics, the level of difficulty of the site where it was built, the contribution in the use of eco-techniques and environmental comfort of each of the residential areas. With this remarkable recognition Carlos commented that it is very encouraging that institutions of this level recognize his work: » … to be able to see one of my projects at the Architectural Museum in Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City it is both a privilege and honor that pushes me to be better in every project I´m being trusted within the firm I represent and confirms to me the idea that this job is both my hobby and my endless passion.» Contact monteroarqs@gmail.com

Adriana Resendiz


We could not share this editorial without the mention of the young talent and vision of Adriana Resendiz. Following up in the footsteps of his grandfather, Architect Manuel Díaz Rivera, she was responsible for planning, designing and the construction of Pedregal de La Paz Club, a project that combines sport areas with the inherent beauty of Pedregal. «Since I was a child I have had the opportunity to play tennis, so when I designed the tennis courts I thought them not only to be aesthetic but also functional, generous, taking the best of the views and orientation of the land to accommodate large events. Seeking a harmonic, well-balanced ambiance, it was also important to incorporate local elements and materials that will provide the necessary warmth to the environment.»

 The Club Deportivo y Social de Pedregal currently has 7 tennis courts and a snack bar; future plans consider areas such as indoor soccer field, fitness center, ballroom and a pool, in addition to a commercial area that will complement the service and amenities for the residents within the community.

 Among her architectural projects, Adriana is working on a residential home as well as a mixed-use parking area in front of Pedregal. Contact arq.adriana.rdr@gmail.com


Although each architect presents a unique vision of his or her projects, it’s interesting to see how they all agree on the quality of life that represents designing, building and the making of Pedregal de La Paz their home. Without any doubt the vision of the architect Manuel Diaz Rivera as founder and patriarch of development continues offering incredible benefits for everyone to enjoy!

For more information about building and living in Pedregal de La Paz, email us at lapaz@pedregal.com visit our website www.pedregal.com or call us at (612) 106 7114.

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