Why do I love Pedregal?

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By Jennifer Powell

I am in love with Pedregal, people I meet here in Cabo always ask me, “What do you like about living here?” so I thought I would share my answer with our readers.  I have been a homeowner in Pedregal since 1989, and have been a permanent resident here for the last six years.  I came to Cabo in 1987 for the first time, and moved here in 1989 to open a restaurant and bar (the Rio Grill for you old-timers).  I have lived in different areas and developments in Cabo and there is only one place for me (even before I became a real estate agent), and that is Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas.


Sunrise from the Pedregal beach


I share the same main concern as many of you which is safety, and so security is my first priority.  While the Pedregal is a more open community than some, every vehicle that enters is recorded and noted and the same process is done on the way out.  Security guards patrol the neighborhood 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  I don’t have a security system here, never have, and never even thought about it.  I know all the security guards, and they know me and are always looking out for me.  Once I left my cell phone in a taxi, and they had recorded the taxi number, called them for me, got the taxi driver to bring my phone back to the gate, and then personally delivered my phone right to my house.  This is the level of security and service you receive here on a daily basis.


Pacific Ocean view

Second on the list of priorities is simply, natural beauty.  Every time I drive through the gates, and over the hill the stark beauty of the rock cliffs, the gorgeous flowers and landscaping, and the wild blue of the Pacific reminds me how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful place.  The views simply cannot be beat by any development.  Whether you choose to build or buy on the marina side where you can see the twinkle of the city lights at night as well as the sun and moon rise and the boats and ships coming and going from the marina and bay, or the Pacific side where you always have a fresh ocean breeze along with the bonus of watching whales and seeing the sunsets.  Seeing the homes that seem to cling to the cliff sides, each home with its unique charm and beauty (no cookie cutter homes here), and the beautifully maintained public spaces makes me appreciate our maintenance department for the hard work they do.  Let’s not forget the wildlife:  from schools of leaping rays to whales to sea lions and sand crabs to kit foxes and a wide array of birds.

capella pedregal

 Capella Pedregal

Next on the list is, convenience.  We have our own desalinization plant so we never have to worry about water service, and I have tested the water coming directly from the Desal plant and it is totally clean and free of contaminants.  One perk of owning in Pedregal is access to the amazing Capella Pedregal resort with its variety of dining options, world-class spa, and gift shop.  My favorite Sunday tradition is to go to the Beach Club in Capella for burgers and a cold beer, or a beautiful light lunch of salad and fresh fish overlooking the Pacific and the beautiful grounds of Capella.  We also host “Club Rincon” which has a full spa, gym and lap pool for residents for a nominal monthly or daily fee and also have tennis courts.  Located at the back entrance to Pedregal, across from “El Camino” is The Los Cabos Organic Market held two to three times weekly where you will surely find me every Wednesday and Saturday!  Locally grown organic produce, seafood, chicken and eggs and locally made jewelry and crafts are available for purchase.   Penny Lane Café, the French Café, and Casiano’s all offer dining options right there as well.  There is also a spa with full services as well as a stylist located within the walls of Mar Adentro Spa.


The Los Cabos Organic Market


Finally…the lifestyle afforded to me as a resident just can’t be beat!  I walk on the beach every single morning of the week with my two dogs, which is the best way possible to start my day.  There is a real sense of community here within Pedregal where I know all the neighbors personally within one or two blocks from my house.  I lived in the same house in the USA for ten years, and only met two of my neighbors!  We all watch out for each other and enjoy socializing together.  There is a ladies luncheon once a month so you can meet your neighbors and get to know each other.


Trixie & Neighbor Dog

Come see for yourself all we have to offer, and I believe you will fall in love just as I did!  See you here soon…



For more information about Pedregal lifestyle, amenities and real estate opportunities, visit us at www.pedregal.com or send me an email to jpowell@cbriveras.com  

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